NBI Talkback Challenge #4 The Seven Gaming Sins

So week(ish) ago I noticed my friend about NBI (Newbie Blogger Initiative ) it’s a forum / community that helps out new (/newbie) bloggers, promotes them etc 🙂
They also have a forum , so far everything (+everyone) seems really nice 🙂

There were weekly topics and this screenshot safari (need to read more about that tho :P) I’m also little late to the party but thought to take part anyway as this weeks topic seemed really good!
The topic is “The Seven Gaming Sins” and here are mine:

LustDo you enjoy games more if they have scantily clad and “interestingly proportioned” avatars? Do you like playing as one of these avatars? Why or why not?
– I have to say I don’t enjoy games more but I do like the skimpy armors (if they are designed to be pretty not just couple of strings and cloth tossed around). The armors (or lack of them) doesn’t make me want to play the game more/less I pay attention to the game play and lore more 🙂

GluttonyDo you have a game backlog of unfinished games but still buy new games regardless? Why or why not?
– Yes I do, I have loooooong list of games I need to play on PC (then I have 3DS and PSVita, also some mobile Otome games need my attention)

GreedDo you enjoy hand outs in a game? Have you ever opted to NOT do an action / in game activity because the rewards were lacking? Why or why not?
I do like rewards in game, makes the game fun to play. I would never choose not to play certain game just because it’s rewards are lacking (but then othe aspects of the game need to be enjoyable).

SlothDo you ever leech or AFK in a party? Do you discourage others from attempting things that you feel are difficult? Have you ever seen someone that needed help, but decided not to help them? Why or why not?
– I hate to admit but I have leeched and been AFK in game on purpose (one example would be Warcraft and battlegrounds), but I would have never. Haven’t done that in a while tho, used to do that while I was in school and needed to collect honour and do school work on the same time :D). I have never discouraged someone to stop achieving something that I (or they) feel is too difficult, I myself like a nice challenge in games – the feeling afterwards is really nice 🙂 I have also overlooked someone who might have needed help, but that has only been because I have been busy myself. I usually try to help out people if I can.

WrathEver get angry at other players and yell (or TYPE IN CAPS) at them? Have you ever been so angry to stalk a person around in game and / or in the forums? Why or why not?
– Yes I have, I think everyone might have. I do have somewhat short temper towards people who ignore your attempts to explain how certain thing is done and when they fail to execute the thing they need to do (after explaining things over and over again for the millionth time) I tend to get short tempered. BUT I do try to avoid yelling (typing in caps *giggle*) and I’ve gotten a lot better 😛 I have never stalked a player on social media / forums whom I’ve met trough a game, that is just bit too creepy.

Envy Ever felt jealous of players who seem to be able to complete content you can’t? Do you ever suspect they are hacking or otherwise cheating? Why or why not?
– I get jealous quite easily, if I see cool mount or a in-game pet I usually try to find out how to get them and if I can I try to achieve it myself. Unless they give me any reason to doubt how they’ve gotten their unachievable item/thing I don’t usually think someone has tried to cheat/hack.

PrideAre you one of those people that demands grouping with other “elite” players? Do you kick players out of your team who you feel are under-performing? Why or why not?
– It is cool to play with “elite” players but I don’t demand to play with them as they (not all of course) usually tend to think they are bit better than everyone and act like it.
I used to be the one kicking out the poor rogue who did bad on the damage meter but now I’ve learnt  that people are different and there might be a reason why they are “under-performing”.  I would try to talk to them and help out if I can but if they’re just rude and don’t care then they can go.

And to have picture in the post here are some Disney villains as Deadly Sins 🙂
Thanks for reading! 🙂c6f95a78aaae96885863f4c42ead847a

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  1. Hah, nice color coding and nice disney pic! I think you are also the first to say yes to AFKing? Not that it matters, I’m currently the only yes to stalking. 😛

    • I think people do it but they might not recognize doing it or they don’t want to admit ;P
      Yes I thought to add some colour on the text ^^
      (I have to manually accept the comments which is why you probs commented 2nd time, sorry bout it :P)

  2. Nice color coding for the sins and nice disney pic too! Thanks for responding Rinike! 🙂

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