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Hair Dye and Me

I’ve been thinking about this post for a long time now and now while sitting by my computer hair dye in my head and waiting it seemed like a really good idea ๐Ÿ˜€
As some of you follow me in Twitter, or just are victims of my many selfies (yes I take too many I know :D), I love dyeing my hair with crazy colours, more like Manic Panic’s hair dyes.
I started my colour mission little bit over a year ago with Manic Panic cotton pink, I’ve always wanted to have pink hair ever since I saw Pink with her awesome hair!
I then told my mom that I am going to dye my hair pink, you can all guess how excited my mom was and my request got denied.
Ever since I’ve been putting off the dyeing, never had time, didn’t know where or what products, a lot of excuses.. But then December 2013 I decided that I’m finally gonna pull myself together and get a cool colour ๐Ÿ˜€ And since that I’ve had purple, hot pink, blue, 2 different greens (well actually 3 since electric lizard is really bright green :D), turquoise, red and flamingo. I think that was all ๐Ÿ˜›


Then my newest idea wasย to 2 tone my hair, as you know having just one colour is boring. I used Blue and then Purple and after that as the colours fade I dyed the blue part with Manic Panic’s Raven (yes awesome name for black colour !! ). Turned out that when you have faded base with blue/purple and you add black it turns out to be awesome!! ๐Ÿ˜€
But since I didn’t bleach it in between the black faded out quite fast and it left with different shades of blue/purple, which I was super happy with.
Then today I had my hair cut (which I wasn’t too happy with, but now that I’m used to it it’s not as bad as I worried, just different.) I decided that even tho it has been only little time between the dyeing I’m going to bleach my hair and then dye it with black and green, just because Enchanted Forest and Raven together, cmon just the names are so awesome ;P

Many of you might think that dyeing hair so many times damages hair etc etc, but at least when using the Manic Panic colours it’s not the same as the ones you buy from grocery stores. The colours are vegan based so they are not as harsh on the hair. The bleach on the other hand, that shit is dangerous!! ๐Ÿ˜€
I had kind of longish hair (was _trying_ to grow my hair) and I forgot the bleach in my hair for waaaaaay too long. It ended up burning my hair tips so when ever I washed the hair and it was wet I was able to pull out 1-1,5cm parts of my hair. So kids do not leave the bleach in your hair for too long.
But it turned out nice, I love my short hair and long (or long-ish) is pain in the ass to dye and maintain.


I think that’s all about my hair and the dyes.
One thing I have to share tho (well most people already know about the itย but it was new and amazing to me), I found this really cool web page called !!
There are all sort of cool people and their super cool hair! (and now including me ;D ).
My dream is to have rainbow hair someday, that is like my ultimate goal. You know since rainbows <3

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