Catch up post – January

Hey all!
I’ve been thinking of making blog post but then I couldn’t decide what I should write (if I should have wrote about my awesome new computer, my awesome but busy job, all the new games I’m playing or just random babble) so I’ve been pushing it aside, a bit too long. Sorry about that.
So now I decided to do a summary of January (*hurray* right?! :D).

What I’ve been up to?
Well, as you saw from the last post I bought a new camera (finally!) and I’ve been toying around with that.
I’ve been quite busy with work (well at work it’s bit quiet but my work hours and commute time takes a lot of my gaming time :D). I also got a new computer and holy crap on a cracker the games look so amazing with maximized graphics! 😀

Which brings me to games.

Currently I’m on a small WoW hiatus, I really love the game and the new expansion is best so far _but_ as all of you, who play WoW, know how much time it takes. And with the current time I have I don’t want to spend it by sitting in my Garrison (which I love btw) and do my missions.
So I’ve gone on a mission with other games. I’m currently going trough my Steam game list (as I have so many games I’ve just bought because they were on sale, because it’s wasting money if you don’t buy it when it’s cheap right?! ;P), I’m so incredibly happy that I found out Saw game was on sale in Greenman gaming (which is really great site for game sales!), since I always seem to miss when Steam decides to sell it again. Many of you probably wonder why I was so happy, well I’m a huge Saw fan and I was so excited that they released the game in 2009 (Yes I’ve been hunting it for the past 5 years :D). Then we can start arguing how the game play is bit buggy and laggy and the fight scenes don’t work that well or the graphics aren’t that good. None of that matters to me as I’m just happy to finally being able to play it 😀

2015-01-10_00003I’m also planning on continuing my journey as Grey Warden and start my life as a Dragonborn! Also some zombies need slaying and and mysterious islands exploring.
But lately I’ve been running around in Eorzea. Yes I started FFXIV with 14 day trial just to see the game. I’ve never played any of the Final Fantasy games before so it was a whole new world to me and so far I’m in love! The game is so amazingly pretty, keybinds are nice and easy (you can play it with PS3 also). I started as Miqo’te Conjurer and it was fun! Yesterday I actually bought the game as my trial ended and made whole new character, Thaumaturge, as I weren’t able to try it out in trial.

I got all sort of cool stuff when I bought the collectors edition (yes I’m a sucker for ingame goodies). Got 2 mounts, fat chocobo and Coeurl, armor for chocobo mount, silly looking helm and 2 minions, wind-up moogle and baby behemoth (picture below, it’s so adorable!!!) 😛



I’ve also played Guild Wars 2 a lot lately. I’m really close on dinging 80 with my Asura Ranger, but I think I’ve grown bit bored of her. So yesterday I made a new Norn Ranger while I was watching the Guild Wars 2 stream, where they released info about their first expansion Heart of Thorns and I’m so excited about it! (More info Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns).
The trailers are so epic!! But here is my Norn, her name is Hilde Bjornsdottir.

MyStoryHildeThe post was a little bit longer than I was thinking but thanks for reading anyways! <3


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