Dragonrays Draenor Dress-up – Druid

Yes an actual post and more of transmog post!! (I’m so sorry for slacking, just been super lazy and busy with other stuff :F)
But ok I saw Dragonray‘s tweet that she is having yet another transmog competition! This time little bit shorter than the 12 week one 🙂 (Which was amazing!!!)

Idea was to make transmog outift just by using Outland gear. (You can read her post here)
I’ve been thinking to level my alt bank Druid to 70 (instead of 60) so I designed very Druidic transmog for her! Enjoy!

Head: Headdress of the Sleeper

Shoulder: Ravenwing Pauldrons

Back: Spell-Slinger’s Protector

Chest: Moonglade Robe

Wrists: Demonslayer’s Wristguards

Gloves: Grasp of the Moonkin

Belt: Manimal’s Cinch

Leggings: none because of the robe

Feet: Spymistress’ Boots

Weapon: Draenic Wildstaff


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