#WoWScreenshotADay 24-30

I finally pulled myself up and took the missing screenshots (was half way done anyway)
So here are my last bunch of WoWScreenshotADay pictures 🙂
And since my ankle is being a pain in the butt most of the time I won’t take part on the ongoing screenshot month, but you should check Tycertank’s website 🙂

Day 24 The music in Shrine is bit Loud

Day 25 Angle

Day 26 Best mount and best Druid tear 🙂

Day 27 Time for Celebration, I got my second legendary cloak!

Day 28 Celestial Tournament is probably one game I won’t finish :/

Day 29 I wish I could buy this robe!

Day 30 Where I’m from there are a lot of son in the winter
Where Im From

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