Göteborgs Botaniska trädgård

Few weeks ago they opened Gothenburg’s botanical garden and this years theme is Japanese 🙂
The whole garden is so pretty! Yesterday me and my BF spent nice Sunday afternoon together just walking around and taking pretty pictures 😛
I love really colourful flowers and rock stairs (as you might notice).
Sadly this year they didn’t have their waterfall on yet, but you can see it on my last years post! ^^
I took little bit over 30 pictures and couldn’t choose which ones to pic for blog so I’m just gonna post all of them! Enjoy!! 🙂 (Also I’ve took all the pictures with my phone, Nexus 5 ^^ I love it <3)

PANO_20140518_144330 IMG_20140518_155604 IMG_20140518_155341 IMG_20140518_154816 IMG_20140518_154439 IMG_20140518_154201 IMG_20140518_154109 IMG_20140518_153627 IMG_20140518_153303 IMG_20140518_152920 IMG_20140518_152812 IMG_20140518_152113 IMG_20140518_151636 IMG_20140518_151425 IMG_20140518_151340 IMG_20140518_151219 IMG_20140518_151044 IMG_20140518_150908 IMG_20140518_150829 IMG_20140518_150727 IMG_20140518_150245 IMG_20140518_150156 IMG_20140518_150118 IMG_20140518_145928 IMG_20140518_145834 IMG_20140518_145531 IMG_20140518_145248 IMG_20140518_144955 IMG_20140518_144850 IMG_20140518_144212 IMG_20140518_143830 IMG_20140518_143803



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