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Catch up post!

For the some of you (who follow my Twitter) it’s not news but I’ve got a job (*yay*) that started this Monday and it’s gonna last the whole next week (unless they extend it, which would be nice). I have to get up super early, 4am, to be able to get work in time. But so far I’ve quite used to it.
Last weekend was also quite busy for me because we had this SciFi convention at Gothenburg! (Some of you may have seen my hype of it since Jason Momoa was suppose to be there but then few weeks before he told us that he couldn’t join because of photo shoot in Toronto :((((((( )
But the con was still really nice (tho not as nice as last year, and also my BF was sick and couldn’t come with us :G) I was suppose to get more pictures but then I forgot when I was just drooling over of all the awesome stuff!
I got some nice loot from there; catbus wallet, Thor buspass holder, Captain America coaster and then our roommate got me Game of Thrones stein as birthday present ^^IMG_20140426_184317 IMG_20140426_184800

Super nice predator cosplay! 🙂

Then on Monday I had my actual birthday! Boys went out while I was working and made a nice poster for me! 😀


and as I requested my BF got me Natural history of Dragons and the derpy unicorn from Despicable me!! <3IMG_20140428_173826 IMG_20140429_195837

My friend from Finland got me this super awesome Turisas (Finnish metal band) tshirt!! <3 I ordered that skirt before so it would arrive on time for the SciFi con (my mom gave the money for it as birthday present ^^)

IMG_20140426_115200So these are all the excuses why I haven’t been able to be online much or write stuff 😛
But I’m gonna do few more posts today and then tomorrow after work 🙂
Also today is first of May (*yay*) summer is coming! (all tho I’m not waiting the super hot weather, maybe just below 20 degrees would be nice).



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