Twitter Raid (part 35)

So yesterday we have massive amount of people!! 15!! 🙂
So we went run fast trough ICC 25man heroic (now with heroic LK kill)
Afterwards we did Ruby Sanctum heroic followed by super fast Onyxia kill (no mount sadly!! :S) and then 10man achievement run to TotGC!
this is pretty much how I spent my evening being dead, greedy and needy on my teeny-weeny Warrior (level 80 :D)
onyrubyWe also had corny-joke Friday and here are some of the best ones I remembered 😛
at one point I could even read the ones I wanted to because I was giggling too much 😀
jokesjokes2Here are some of the pictures I took (now with collages!!! MOAR COLLAGES !!!!!!!) 🙂
Currently Chro haven’t been able to upload the video to youtube but I shall add it as soon as he is done! 🙂
edit: You can now see the video here! Enjoy 🙂


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