Twitter Raid (part 34)

Last week (11.4.2014) we went to TotGC 25man Heroic plan to do some achievements that are missing! and it was a blast! After achievement hunt we went to see Malygos in Eye of Eternity and he ate our loot !!! (luckily Chro made a ticket and had nice GM who returned our loot ^^ No mount tho, I bet he probably kept it himslef 😉 )
Also I’m sorry for this post being late, had hectic week with job interview and other stuff 🙂 But one good thing that it was late since yesterday I found this amazing Photo Editor (I usually use Photoshop for everything, but when you want to make collages for something it takes aages to do on Photoshop, this alternative creates collages in 10 times faster and you can add pictures in any shape you want.) I might even make a different post just to show off what I’m talking about! 😛
I love taking screenshots as many of you probably know, and my problem creating FunRun posts is that I take so many screenshots that I can’t fit all the pictures I want to post and it’s still quite a lot! so with this new nifty tool of mine I can create collages per boss and fit more pictures in my posts! (Yes you’re going to be so bored with all the collages I’m going to make!!!! :D)
As always Chro made nice video again, you can see it here.


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