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Twitter Raid (part 32)

Last Friday we got our tiny pink haired Gnome back and decided that it’s time for some achievement hunt in Ulduar 25 and I finally got my Ironbound Proto-Drake \o/
Chro recorded the fights as always, you can see the video here (there is some nice drawing on Lumberjacked -achievement 😀 I streamed the raid and you can see the whole raid highlighted here with TS talk <3 😛

I would also like to remind everyone that our runs are anything but speeded up transmog runs. We usually talk random stuff in TS but we also discuss about the achievements and how to do them properly and how does what etc. It might feel slow but that is just how it is, the meaning of these runs is to have fun not just auto-pilot raids.
You can follow us on Twitter too and hope to see more new faces! Every Friday 20.30 server time Alliance EU.

I almost forgot to take pictures (happens when tanking and/or streaming :D) but here are some of the nicest ones ^^



I have no idea what happened on this one 😀


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