WoD pre-order, Hearthstone release and awesome commission art!

This week has been awesome so far! Monday Blizzard added pre-order option for Warlords of Draenor (expected game release: Autumn 2014!!!!!!!). You can choose from Digital Standard edition (45e) or Digital Deluxe edition (60e). With both edition you get free 90 boost BUT you only get it if you pre-order it. You also get the boost if you pre-order the physical copy of the expansion, but then you would have to wait with the boost (it would be amazing to have, but I wanted my boost now :D)
In Digital Deluxe you get cool Dread Raven mountΒ and Dread Hatchling petΒ (and some stuff for StarCraft II and Diablo III). That Deluxe edition was the obvious choice for me and my bf πŸ˜› It’s like cmon, the mount is like AnzuΒ Β in steroids ;D


Clicking the image will lead you to Blizzards EU website

You can also now buy boosts (50e) for you character, you can boost from level 1+ but best level, I think, is to 60+ since you get your professions (remember to pick them before you use the boost or they will choose it for you) boosted to 600 as well which is quite cool to get.
I boosted my Horde Druid and she has now Balance / Resto spec and thanks to Timeless Isle gear I can almost go to SoO LFR. (Yeeeeahh LFR, haven’t really done it cos of all the new classes πŸ˜€ I’ve heard that quite a lot of the runs are just pure wipe fest)
chiliThen on Tuesday Blizzard finally released Hearthstone and as a release “gift” when you win 3 times on Play or Arena mode you get pretty sweet mount in WoW, Hearthsteed!
The wins for me were quite easy since I’ve been playing HS since closed beta and I’ve played Magic the Gathering before, some could struggle at the start but fear not Icy-Veins (for example I’m sure there are many others) has a nice beginners guide, you can see it here.


Also yesterday I ordered commission art from amazingly talented @SamaramonΒ (her commission info here). I asked if she could draw my lovely Druid in her Resto gear (which I’m really proud of) and maybe casting something, like Regrowth. She finished the drawing today and I was stunned! It was so incredibly awesome, don’t you think?! (it was her first time drawing Worgen too!) Hopefully soonish I will order the Full Body picture of my Druid! Remember to check her Deviantart and website. Thank you again <3 πŸ™‚


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  1. You’re very welcome! It was so fun to draw and it kinda made me want to roll a worgen druid xD

    Really glad you liked it and thanks for all the links!

  2. Congratulations on your recent acquirements! And your druid looks fantastic. Samaramon sure knows how to capture a character, and she is lightning quick, too. Woot! :p

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