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Twitter raid (part 31)

I’m really sorry posting this bit late than usual, but for the weekend I was really busy doing nothing with BF 😛 (mostly the only time of the week when we can actually do something together due his early morning / late night shifts 🙁 )
BUT here it is 😛
Last Friday was the first Friday when we didn’t have our awesome pink haired gnome, Chro. (for last week and this week he is spending some quality time in some warm country ^^) So he left me “in charge” of things, just basically inviting people and posting stuff in twitter 🙂 I got suggestion from awesome Nemi when I was trying to think where we should go, she suggested that maybe Heroic 10man Blackwing Descent! (it’s always fun to slay dragons, right?!) Since Chro usually records the fun run, I streamed it and you can go see it here. The FunRunTrophy went to Jojo for her awesome Slow Fall pull at Nefarion 🙂
So while streaming I kind of forgot to take pictures, but I managed to take few! 🙂



The Elevator boss took it’s victim 😀


After BWD we still had few left so we decided to do quick run to Ruby Sanctum 25man heroic 🙂

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