The Liebster Award

Few days ago I got DM in Twitter from awesome Neri that she had nominated me for the Liebster Awards! (You can see the post here) I was stunned, so cool! 😛 It is such an honor!! and this means that at least few people read my blog (apart the ones I force to read it ;D)

So to the Liebster Awards, I’m just gonna quote Neri who quoted Geekphoria ;D

“Well, it is only an AWESOME award given to up and coming bloggers. Given by other up and coming bloggers. It’s a cool way to find other blogs and feel like you are getting into the blogging stratosphere. It is simple, you get nominated by someone else, mention their page and a link to their blog in your Liebster Award Post, answer the 11 questions they give you, then tag 11 other nominees and give them a new set of 11 questions to answer.”

Here are the questions I got from Neri:

1. What inspired you to star blogging?
– Ever since I started playing WoW I’ve wanted to show my pictures and my adventures to others, keep like a diary, but I just stick to FB to annoy people with tons of my screenshots 😀 But when I moved to Sweden my BF encouraged me to start a blog and yeah here I am 🙂

2. If you won a free ticket to Blizzcon, what panels would you be most excited about seeing?
– I probably would struggle with the time, since I would probably want to see all of them. But I’ve always loved the lore panels and the cosplay!

3. How do you balance time in-game with your ‘RL’ commitments?
– Weeeelll, at the moment I don’t work so I have quite a lot of time in my hands to spend in-game. But on weekends I try to spend time with BF since he has silly shifts and the time is quite limited during the weekdays.

4. If World of Warcraft shut down its servers tomorrow (Or you aren’t currently playing), what would you be playing instead?
– I would be playing Guild Wars 2! That was easy 😀 I just love the game so much.

5. Are there any bloggers out there who you aspire to be like? What is it about them that you love?
– I love reading different kinds of blogs and on some blogs I would like my blog to look like theirs or just have some random stuff from them. But there are three bloggers that I’ve been following before I started blogging and who were the last inspire for me to start blogging. I love two their transmogs so much and I wish I could be able to make such an awesome transmogs one day. The blogs are Samaramon’s World and Pretty Fly for a Draenei. I was also reading The Daily Frostwolf – Druid edition written by Navimie, I loved the guild name and I just kept reading it, I love Navi’s Navispam idea to visit other bloggers, it was (and still is) so fun to read 🙂

6. Are you brave enough to show us your gaming set up?
– Yes I am 😀
IMG_20140330_151158 IMG_20140330_1512367. At what age would you let your children (real or hypothetical) start playing video games?
– I don’t have kids. It totally depends on the game really, but something like Pokemon or Supermario then around 5+ (I was 5 when I started playing Supermario :D). Also few tiny things in WoW would be doable, killing spiders or just jumping around 🙂

8. You have a weekend of interruption free gaming ahead of you. What essential supplies do you stock up on to get you through it?
– Energy drinks and tiny snacks (nothing too unhealthy, like peanuts or something yummy :D) Also tacos!! 🙂

9. If you could pick any job in the gaming industry, what would it be?
– I’m really bad at anything arty-stuff but I have really nice imagination so maybe something to do the games lore and story-lines etc 🙂

10. Have you ever done any gaming cosplay?
– No not gaming (unless angry gamer counts ;DD) But I did cosplay Akito Sohma From Fruits Basket in Finnish anime-con like conference ^^ (You can see the outfit here)

11. What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever seen done in an MMO or multi-player game?
– hmmmm suddenly I can’t remember any funny/ridiculous events that have happened but I remember once at Alterac Valley I saw one dude multiboxing five Elemental Shamans, it was quite silly looking 😛

11 random facts that you didn’t know about me

  1. I’m a bit of a control freak
  2. I hate tiny bugs, spiders, snails (the one without ‘home’ slugs I think they’re called), bees, mosquitoes and pretty much everything that is smaller than my hand 😀
  3. I’m 160cm
  4. I own 6 pair of shoes and 3 purses (which I’ve heard is not enough for a girl o.O)
  5. I don’t have driving license (tbh I have such a short focus that I would only be danger to others)
  6. I don’t like rap music
  7. I have 3 tattoos (and one is dedicated to my dad who passed away 10 years ago)
  8. I like making lists
  9. When I’m eating tiny noms (candy, peanuts etc) I have to have equal amount in left and right side when I’m eating them. 😀 (yes I’m weird I know)
  10. I can’t touch other people’s feet / toes, they freak me out.
  11. You don’t want to wake me up, it’s like trying to wake up bear from hibernation. 😛

Now to the people I’m going to nominate! I nominated these people because I LOVE liebster2reading their blog and they are such an awesome bunch of people! <3 (Also tried to look up people who haven’t got the award yet :P)

And here are my questions 🙂 Enjoy!

  1. When and why you started blogging?
  2. If you would be stuck in an elevator and could pick any person (alive, dead or fiction) to be with you, who would it be?
  3. What do you listen while playing?
  4. What is your fandom (if any)?
  5. What colour is your toothbrush?
  6. If you would have to choose, what animal you would be?
  7. Would you rather go about your normal day naked or have smelly breath and body odor for the whole day?
  8. What was your first computer/console game?
  9. PC or console?
  10. What in-game (from any game) feature you would like to have in RL?
  11. Are you casual or hardcore gamer?
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  1. You have an impeccable taste in both video games and movies! Awesome gaming set up 🙂

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