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Notable Paladin

Sorry for delaying this post few weeks, first I was sick and then I just kept forgetting to actually make the post 😀
For Paladin week I didn’t have clear idea who I should introduce but then I remembered that while you level trough classic you meet two really unique Paladin friends (at the first look you wouldn’t probably believe that they could possibly be friends).
On this post I’m gonna tell you about Gidwin Goldbraids and Tarenar Sunstrike.


You first meet these two when you start questing in Eastern Plaguelands and you help Fiona at her caravan to find her two missing companions. Depending which one you’re saving first, you meet a Dwarf, Gidwin Goldbraids, who is trying to act really tough by telling how many Nerubian spiders he killed before he got caught in the web. While you’re releasing him from the web he admits that it wasn’t actually that many, he just had competition with his Elf friend.
Next companion you save is Blood Elf, Tarenar Sunstrike, who doesn’t seem to need as much help as his Dwarven friend did. You help him to kill few Undeads and then he realizes what time it is and rushes back to caravan leaving you to finish what he started.

What is common between these two Paladins are that they both are eager to become


members of the Argent Crusade and more of that they are good friends.
You move alongside the caravan and help them with their journey, while you help them you notice that Tarenar is helplessly in love with Fiona and Gidwin always teases him about it.

When these two finally reach the Light’s Hope Chapel and become finally became Crusaders and while they’re on their first Crusade Gidwin gets annoyed towards Tarenar because he doesn’t take things seriously and for that reason Gidwin leaves and gets caught by the Scourge. Player helps Tarenar to find and save Gidwin and afterwards everything returns back to normal between these two.

It is rumoured that these two fellows may actually be reference to Gimli and Legolas from Lord of the Rings. Thinking that their races are quite similar and their competition who kills more Scourge. If for some reason you haven’t done these quests I suggest you to do so, it is so much fun 🙂

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