My first weeks in Guild Wars 2

I’ve been delaying this post for some time now, just because I’ve took so many screenshots that it’s really hard to choose which ones I want to show πŸ˜€
As some of you know some weeks ago I bought Guild Wars 2 because I saw a deal that I just couldn’t turn down. I’ve been wanting to try this game since it got released and since they don’t have any sort of trial for the game I just had to wait.


Picture is from Guild Wars 2 wiki page (click the image to go to the website)

After downloading the game I had to choose a race for me!
There are five different races in the land of Tyria; Charr (cat like creatures), Asura (tiny chibi ones), Sylvari (leaf people), Human and Norn (bit bigger human looking ones). (You can see the “Races of Tyria” official video here)
I was so sure I’m going for the Charr (and pick a silly name like Snowbell :D), but I looked a bit gameplay videos and decided that I will not make it my first character πŸ™‚ Just mainly how the female Charr moved and casted. Then I decided to go for the leaf people, Sylvari. Next problem was to pick a nice name! I did some research and wanted to have some flower or close to the nature like name, I ended up googling flowers english/latin names.
On character creation you will be able to choose quite a lot personal background story interests. The choices you make will affect your starting area story mode.
Class I chose for that Sylvari was Mesmer, kind of like mage and shadowpriest I think, I played her till level 15 and then I wanted to try the cute race Asura and I was in love!
My Ranger is now at level 55 (max level is 80) and I just love the play style!
In GW2 you have 2 sets of weapons and the skills change depending on which weapon(s) you’re using.
(You can see more about my characters inΒ hereΒ or you can just navigate from “My Characters” page ^^)

I’ve made some nice friends trough Twitter that helped me start my GW2 adventure, really big thanks to @SushiGeishaΒ and @Sabellah. They got me bigger bags, really nice transmog gear (that I didn’t dare to use because as far as I’ve understood when you transmog stuff it destroys the item) and few pets!

I love the dialogue screens in GW2, they are just pure awesomeness. When ever there is dialogue between you and important npc, like Caithe (Sylvari first born), it takes place in video like screen with your character using the current gear it has! πŸ™‚dialoguescreen gw026Guild Wars 2 also has nice jumping puzzles which reward you XP, I really like how they reward you when you do exploring. I would probably be 80 already with my Ranger but my ocd doesn’t allow me to leave before I’ve done everything in the map 100% πŸ˜€
jumpPuzzleAnd then bit before I hit 30 on my Ranger they added a new patch. (if you want a game where you get new content and story really fast Guild Wars 2 is your game. I haven’t played for a week or so and I don’t know what I’ve missed :D).
In the patch lady called Scarlet BriarΒ came into Lion’s Arch and completely smashed it up!! (I DIDN’T EVEN GET TO SEE THE LION STATUE !!!! :/ ).
On that patch we (at level 30 when you entered the event you got scaled up to 80) were saving citizens of Lion’s Arch and kill Scarlet’s forces.

They added a new patch Β where you can fight against Scarlets Liutenants and after them you’re able to go and kill Scarlets Hologram (that is all I know so far, the evening patch hit everything was so laggy and there were so many people that I took a little bit WoW vacations before going back. But now I noticed that there was new patch added so I need to do some reading :D)
hologramAs you all know I love taking screenshots and I’ve took close to 300 pictures already, I had so much trouble choosing what do I put in this post and what not. But there is this #GW2Project365Β in Twitter and I would love to take part on that even tho I’m 3 months late to start with. Basically you post one screenshot per day for a year.
So I might do a few catch up posts, or just do basic screenshot picture post with all the pretties I have, but basically you will see me posting more about Guild Wars2 πŸ™‚

The game is so incredible that if it wasn’t WoD coming soon and I wouldn’t have my amazing Druids and I wouldn’t be in Druid guild, I would probably cancel my WoW sub and play GW2 instead πŸ™‚


Oola and my current favourite pet White Fang <3 (Yes it is Jack London reference ^^)


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  1. I’m so happy you are having a great time! Just let me know if I can help your stay in Tyria even better. πŸ™‚ <3

  2. Welcome πŸ™‚ it is so cool you are loving it. I have been playing since launch and still play almost every day. I am mainly a PVE player and still love it a year and a half later. I have 6 80’s so far, only two to go πŸ™‚ If you need a hand with anything let me know πŸ™‚

    • I would like to play GW2 more, but so far WoW is taking so much time with all the alts πŸ˜€ Maybe when Guild is on summer holiday I can sneak to play bit more πŸ™‚
      Oh wow that is nice amount of max levels! πŸ˜›

  3. I bought the game on sale as well. Loving every bit so far!

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