All Druid Flex [Druids of the Beast]

I’ve been meaning to post an update how our raid team is doing, but luckily I haven’t since yesterday we got progress!! We’ve cleared part 3 not long ago (silly dino was being difficult) and yesterday for the second time we thought to try Blackfuse and it took few wipes and we nailed him! 🙂 awesoooome! It feels really good the be in part of the progress and when you’ve been working on the boss some time it feels even better when it’s down! 🙂 This is our progress so far:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

We took few tries on the Klaxxi but had few hiccups along the way so we’re going there again tomorrow! 🙂
Here are the kill shots of Spoils, Thok and Blackfuse
spoils Thokblackfuse

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