Twitter raid (part 28)

As last week was Valentine’s Day I wasn’t able to join for the run, I had dinner and a movie (Frozen, which was incredibly good!) instead. We were suppose to continue our MSV run last week, but as in a lot of people weren’t able to make it the group decided to run trough IceCrown Citadel 10man HC, Thrown of the Four Winds 10man HC and Bastion of Twilight 10man. You can see the video here.

So this week we decided to run MSV again as it wasn’t that successful the week before Valentine’s Day. We were supposed to go 10man, but the amount of people who were interested was insane! We had 16-18 people on our FunRun raid! AMAZING! 😛
We had nice giggles, we gained achievements, we raised some ilvl for some people and we did some hoop jumping (see the image below :P). Thanks for joining guys and hopefully we see you next week too! 🙂 Link for this weeks video is here.



Stone doggies are funny 😀



something happened to my clothes while fighting, silly bug 😀



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