Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Many years ago I bought a game called Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale from Steam, I think it was one of Steam’s Holiday Sales or something like that since it was so cheap. I played it a little bit and then let it dust in my Steam Library. Recently I’ve been trying to find games to play (from my Steam library and other games) meanwhile we all wait for Warlords of Draenor (I should level my missing alts, but sometimes you want to do something else too, and change is good sometimes ^^). So I went trough my list and had faint memory that Recettear was a nice game.



So the game starts when someone knocks our main characters, Recette’s, door. She finds out the the visitor is a “loan-shark” fairy. Her father, who left few weeks ago to “become a hero” and left her alone, took a loan and the company sent this fairy to collect the debt.
Of course Recette is stunned by the fact that she has to pay his fathers debt, who haven’t worked a single day in her life and has barely money to live by herself. The fairy, called Tear, explains that she is there to help her pay the debt (without selling any organs or any other silly ideas like that). So they come to agreement that they will turn her house (which would cover the debt) to an Item Shop, she thinks that since the fairy is helping her, the name of the shop should represent both of them (Recette + Tear = Recettear), so she can pay the debt back as instalments.


As the game goes the fairy explains to Recette (the player) how to sell, buy and get items. In the city you can find “Adventurers Guild” where you can find adventurers and pay them to do dungeons for you to get items. In a dungeon you can play as the current adventurer.


If you die you’re only allowed to bring one item back so you should pick the one with most value. Otherwise when you finish the dungeon you get to keep everything and sell them in your shop. 2014-02-10_00022

In your shop you put your items on display and you open your shop and wait customers by the counter. You can haggle a little bit with the price of the items, but not too much since the customer can walk out if the price is too high. Sometimes they can try to sell you something and you just need to get it as cheap as possible without making the seller mad 🙂

2014-02-10_00024Every week there is a certain date where you need to pay an instalment of you debt (it increases almost every week). And if you fail to gather the amount of pix (currency) the Game Is Over and you have to start over again from Day 1, but you don’t lose your items just the money you collected till that day.

2014-02-11_00002All and all the game is really fun indie game and you should try it out 🙂




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