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Notable Hunters


Alleria Windrunner

She is the eldest of the Windrunner sisters (sisters Sylvanas and Vereesa Windrunner). They also have three brothers, one named Lirath Windrunner (not much of information about the other two). She had a necklace she got from her parents, eleganlt piece containing a ruby and a sapphire. Alleria Windrunner first earned renown due to the sheer number of trolls that she slew in order to defend her people’s homeland, Quel’Thalas, during the Troll Wars. With the help of humanity, the high elves ultimately prevailed against the trolls. She is also known to weild a sword with great skill.

She is a excellent forest fighter and she prefers solitude and travels with others only if have to. Alleria speaks infrequently and only in short sentences. She shows passion only where orcs are concerned, hunting them ruthlessly and without mercy. In battle she travels in  forests whenever possible and prefers to strike from hiding – especially when attacking orcs, who she believes have no honor and therefore can be killed in any way she sees fit. If she is forced into melee fight she swings her bow as a quarterstaff. She has no other weapon only the bow she got from her father

Vereesa Windrunner


She is an elven ranger who fought throughout the Third War. She is the youngest of Windrunner sisters, widow of Rhonin Redhair and proud mother of twinsons, Giramar and Galadin. Almost all of her extended family were killed by orcs in the Second War and in Prince Arthas’s invasion of Quel’Thalas. Both of her sisters can be considered “alive” because Sylvanas still lives, even tho she is not technically “among the living”, and Alleria is likely still alive, but her whereabouts are not known.

She leads the Silver Covenant, a militant core of high elves that rejected the admission of Blood Elves into the Kirin Tor and have took it upon themselves to serve as a military deterrent for any potential Horde uprising. She styles herself as the “Ranger General of the Silver Covenant”.


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