Twitter Raid (part 23)

So first Friday Fun of 2014 happened yesterday! 🙂 I can’t tell in enough words how much I wait it every week 🙂 It’s like kids (and me) with that one “candy day” 😛
We had bit bigger run this time, we were at 8 peeps. We decided to start this year with “nice and easy” run, so we went to Ulduar (since everyone loves Ulduar <3 🙂
I also noticed that for the meta achievement I’m missing only one and that is the most annoying one, Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare.
I got really distracted with the TS this time so I don’t have as many pictures this time 🙂 But I’ll try to be better with that next time.
As always Chro recorded the whole thing and put it in Youtube, link here!
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