Raiding from hairy butt point of view (Guardian Druid)

I wanted to do shortish update-kind-of post or and just share some pictures I’ve took along the way. For last two only Druid flex raids, I’ve been the Off tank in the group, since we’re kind of missing OT at the moment. I don’t mind tanking, it’s quite the opposite I like to tank (I just like healing bit more ;D). I haven’t tanked any raids in Pandaria, last time I tanked in raid was when we had some troubles with Deathwing (Dragon Soul) I was also OT at that time. Let me say, it is quite scary when you haven’t done it for a while! 😀
But I think I did quite good, even tho on last time I failed a bit on taunting so I made Zxorm evil at Sha 😀  🙂

Also last raid was organized by me since Monsterbaby had to work :/ That is quite scary too, but luckily I had people backing me up and helping to explain the tactics! We have such a good group on our flex team, no yelling or anything if you do mistakes, we just try again <3 Monsterbaby has been working on our new website too, click here, it looks really cool 🙂




Stealth time! Can you spot all the kittys! 😛




Group picture time <3

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