#WoWscreenshotaday Day 26-31 (December)

I’m a bit late with these but better late than never! I’m gonna continue taking screenshots on next year too! 🙂 Happy New Year!
Day 26 “Where you slept” I usually sleep in my tiny bed in Gilneas, but now it was bit too far to travel and I was really tired so I rented a bed from 7 stars!
where you slept
Day 27 “What you’re doing now” I’m taking the missing screenshots for this year!
what youre doing now
Day 28 “Something awesome” I love my Fey Dragon <3
something awesome
Day 29 “Reflect: Best bit of 2013” One of the best bits of this year was definitely joining all Druid guild <Druids of the Beast> @ Shadowsong (Twitter @TheDruidGuild)
reflect Best bit of 2013
Day 30 “You” My Druid now <3
Day 31 “Celebration” Part of celebration is good food! 🙂
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