Samaramon’s Transmog challenge!

Some days ago I came across Samaramon’s transmog challenge. Challenge was to make a working transmog with Tabard of the Hand.
Rules were quite simple:

~ The tabard MUST be included. (I think this is implied, but you never know )
~ The set MUST be transmoggable. No full plate then cloth head, for example.
~ The items used MUST exist in-game! Please don’t use items that were either removed or their model is in the game files but doesn’t actually exist in-game.
~ Do NOT post incomplete sets! While things like wrists aren’t visible and can be excluded, please don’t send a set without shoulders or boots for example.
~ The weapons MUST correspond with the class! Please don’t send me a priest with a polearm.
~ You MUST attach a list of the items! If I love your idea and would want to transmog it, I’ll need the items!
~ Do NOT post someone elses idea. While similarities may occur, after all there are so many items in-game, please try to be original and don’t copy others.
~ Stick to the deadline! I won’t accept entries past my deadline, so don’t send. It wouldn’t be fair.

Also you were able to use MogIt addon, wowhead and wow modelviewer.
I got inspiration of my shaman who is Panda nowdays. I’ve had so much fun playing and I haven’t had that many Mail transmogs in my blog. I also actually have this tabard since I changed from Draenei to Panda ;P
So here is what I came up 🙂 (Left side is with the tabard ^.^ and it’s also obtainable for both Shamans and Hunters)

Items I used:
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  1. Thanks for entering! First panda 😀 Best of luck to you <3

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