Druids of the Beast

Sometime ago I wrote that changed my Druid to Shadowsong realm to be able to be in a guild called Druids of the Beast. I’m a Jr.Officer there and helping our awesome guild leader! Doing tiny stuff like inviting people etc, I love it 😛

We usually have flex runs (only Druids ofc) on Tuesdays and Thursdays, yesterday we were suppose to have one, but we didn’t have enough people so we decided to go to Mogu’shan Vaults (the first pandaria raid).
I was our second tank (even tho I usually heal but we were missing a tank so :P) and I think I didn’t do that bad (being bit slow with some boss mechanics but hey was first time tanking pandaria raid :D).
The whole raid went awesome and we cleared the whole raid in an hour or bit over an hour.
Took some screenshots too 😛

It turned me into a stone bear!! :DD
Lorewalker Cho is reading some tactics for us ;P <3
Tranquility <3
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  1. Awesome, makes me want to get my Druid to 90 now. Didn’t realize you had a character on Shadowsong, that’s where my mains are currently hanging out.

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