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ExtraLife 2013

Sometime ago my Twitter friend @_Korlane asked if I could help him to say up for ExtraLife 2013 charity event. I said sure and I also could stream most of it.
The event was yesterday and we woke up around 6.30 (waaaaaay to early).
We managed to stay up until 4.30 this morning and decided that since you don’t have to do the whole 25h in one go, we decided to go to sleep and stream the missing 4h today instead.
I’m going to add the stream videos here probably tomorrow so you can see them you if anyone wants to 😛

We started our morning by playing Hearthstone (I haven’t played it after the wipe so we played some games that he let me win so I could unlock all the heroes)Then we played little bit of Dota 2 and I have to say I’m really bad at that 😀
After Dota we started playing WoW and started leveling toons.
We are probably going to continue with them today, not sure.
But here is some pictures that I took while we had our adventure!

Raremob dance worked! 😀
Spam for the new chicken pet!
After wow I had minor real life break, went to see a movie at friends house.
But afterwards Korlane was so bored to WoW and HS so we decided to play bit Starcraft 2 and League of Legends (and yes I’m really bad at both of them, you’ll see when I’m done with the videos :D)
Then we played Starcraft minigames, pictionary !!
Also lovely @tycertank joined our Skype call for a while 🙂
I had so much fun doing that and it was all for good reason, for kids 🙂


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