#DeathKnightWeek notable Death Knights

Since I figured out this “theme” on my Druid week, this one is going to be my first notable Death Knights post 🙂 I was thinking to start with familiar boss encounter, Four Horsemen. Here they are:

Baron Rivendare

He was wealthy Landowner and friend of Kel’thuzad. He fell under the necromancer’s way and helped build and structure the Cult of the Damned. One of his greatest joys is to instill corruption in others, especially paladins, and most especially members of Argent Dawn.
Originally he was ruling over the city of Stratholme for the Scourge. Now days he leads the Four Horsemen of Naxxramas in place of Highlord Mograine.
“Time to take matters into my own hands. Come. Enter my domain and challenge the might of the Scourge!”

Lady Blaumeux

She calls forth the power of shadows, drawing the souls of the living into the voracious embrace.
It is presumed that she was formally a paladin and likely represents the “Rider of Famine”, based on her black colour scheme.
She wrote book called “This is my Runeblade…”.
In comic she witnessed the enslaving of Alexandros Mograine by Kel’thuzad. Later she fought against the party of Darion Mograine led into Naxxramas.
“Your life is mine!”


He represents the “Pale Rider of Death”, based on his light green colour scheme. He holds the power of flame.
He is fallen dwarf paladin. There is speculation that he fell to the Scourge after Uther’s death, as he might have been leading member of the Knights of the Silver Hand.
This is partially confirmed when Alexandros Mograine refers to Korth’azz as “one of Uther’s men”.
In comic he, along with Lady Blaumeux, witnessed enslaving of Alexandros Mograine nad fought against Darion Mograine.
He was defeated when Darion struck him down with the Corrupted Ashbringer.
“Come out and fight, ye wee ninny!”

Sir Zeliek

He was a paladin in life, so strong in his faith, that even in undeath, the power of the light still heeds his call, smiting his foes in battle.
His body is forced to obey Kel’thuzad’s commands, Sir Zeliek managed to retain his sanity and morals despite his corruption. This could be seen as a mark of great spirituality and mental streangth.
He represents the “White Rider of Conquest”, based on his colour scheme and the wings on his helmet (signifying victory).

“I…I have no choice but to obey!”

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  1. I’m a big fan of Lady Blaumeux and of her writings. I wish they’d make a similar helm available for transmogrification.

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