#WarlockWeek Notable Warlocks

So this week we have Warlocks in spot light. Here are few Warlocks I chose to introduce to you! 🙂

Archimonde (pronounced Ark-i-mond)

He was the left hand of the fallen titan Sargeras. It is said that he was one of the greatest and darkest of the eredar. His personality was being extremely brutal, and often killed his underlings when they failed him. He was also highly intelligent however his arrogance and his inability to keep his anger in check proved a fatal flaw.
He is voiced by David Lodge in both Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade.

Balgaras the Foul

He is level 31 Dwarf Warlock who haunts the northern Wetlands and is reputed to be one of the leaders of the Dark Iron Dwarves.
In the comic he was leading a group of Dark Irons which seized control of Thandol Span. They also had Hjalmar Anvilmar as a captive.

Wilfred Fizzlebang

He appears in Crusader’s Coliseum, where he attempts to summon a doomguard for the next challenge but he accidentally summons Lord Jaraxxus instead who promptly kills him. (R.I.P <3)

“You! Yes, you! Gaze upon me and treasure this moment of meeting, for soon the world will come to know and fear the name and stern visage of Wilfred Fizzlebang! Once my magnificent summoning is complete, no one will doubt my ability!”

Niby the Almighty

He is level 56 Gnome Warlock located in Felwood (also located in Icecrown Citadel as a tier 10 armor vendor for Warlocks).
He holds personal vendetta against the people of Stormwind, for exiling him. He seeks to summon an especially almighty demon to wreak his revenge.
Occasionally, he will attempt to summon this demon unaided, resulting mild explosion.
Turning in quest Quest:Kroshiuss Infernal Core(Warlocks) he succeeds to summon this over-sized demonic chicken name El Pollo Grande. (*giggles*)

“Silence, servant! Vengeance will be mine! Death to Stormwind! Death by chicken!”

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