#WarlockWeek introduction

Second last week of Lae’s alt appreciation starts, this time it’s time for Warlocks.
My Warlock is the first ever character I created. She was Undead Warlock with awesome green hair, her name was Darna at that time. She was created February 09, 2006 (how do I remeber that? I took a bit cheating on this awesome site 😀 warcraftrealms )

Her first Hakkar the Soulflayer kill 🙂

She was my main a long time. I played with her trough classic and bc.
Nowdays she is Gnome on Alliance side and she doesn’t get nearly as much attention that she deserves, being my first character and all. It’s just pure dps classes have been bit weird for me, I always go back to healing 😀 I’ll try to give her some time on this week! 🙂

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