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Twitter raid (part 15)

So it was time again for our this weeks FridayFunORama. It’s always nice to have something waiting you at the end of the week, something fun 🙂 This time we had only @Chromeeh_Gnome’s stream live because me and BF had some problem with out internet at it was being extremely laggy :/ But this weeks destination was to go Blackwing Descent and afterwards Bastion of Twilight and if we had enough people still to go to Throne of the Four Winds 🙂 The trip was really successful and we had lots of giggles in TeamSpeak 🙂
As usual I’ve been tanking these lately so there isn’t as much pictures but here are some good ones I managed to take 🙂
As always @Chromeeh_Gnome made video of the whole thing, you can see it here,
(pay extra attention to the elevator boss!! :D)

Someone woke up in a bad mood :G
Mammoth balette !!
Best game ever: Portal Roulette!!

  Also afterwards @AdmiringAzeroth whispered me saying that she has a gift for me. My face was like ” O_O wut!?” I made tiny alt on her server and she had my present all wrapped up with nice red ribbon! I opened it and found harmonious porcupette inside it !! I was so happy (since my reputation with Emperor Shaohao is neutral at the moment :D)
We also had meeting with @RowettSS who didn’t have his enchanted broom on our last FridayRun and couldn’t help us clean up 😉 

photogenic KITTY photo-bombed my pic! 😀 <3
Big thank you for all who came this time and hope to see you next time also! 🙂 Luv you all <3

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