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Twitter raid (part 14)

This week we also had tiny Friday group. But just enough to go see Raggy in Firelands.
This week was bit more special too, since I’ve started streaming my game.
So we had live stream of our run too! Well actually we had 3 active live streams (Mine: ,
My boyfriend @Jolabero
and our @Chromeeh_Gnome Chromeeh also recorded the whole run so as always he is gonna make video of it and add it to youtube 🙂
I was tank this time and when I’m tanking I sadly forget to take pictures, but atleast I remembered to take few! Here they are 🙂

Yes that big furry gray butt is mine! 😀
Here it is again! 😛

Thank you for everyone for coming and hope to see you next time too! Remember Alliance EU and 20.30 server time 🙂

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