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Twitter raid (part 12)

So again yesterday evening was time for my 12th FridayFunORama with awesome people!
Our first destination was to kill some dragons in Ruby Sanctum and Obsidian Sanctum. We did both in 25man and one lucky person got a mount from Sartharion (it drops a mount in both 10 and 24man if you let the miniboss drakes live :P)


We did the kamikaze tactics so this happened after boss died 😛
(You get all the adds at boss if you don’t kill them)

 After dragon slaying we went to Trial of the Grand Crusader (which is the heroic version of Trial of the Crusader)

Also before we had to compare who has the best mount! 😀
We also had our Disney Fantasia moment (with our star @Chromeeh_Gnome
playing Mickey Mouse and dancing! :P)

Hide the gnome prank!
Fire kitty and kittens! 😛

Big bad and ugly last boss Anub’arak

After all this we still decided to go Throne of the Four Winds to see Al’Akir.

Grumpy trees summoning missing players!

Group picture time !! <3 🙂
Portal roulette !

 This time we had few new faces (Thank you for joining!). Hope to see you next time too.
Spread the word, we are going every Friday 20.30 server time (Alliance EU)! Thank you all <3 You can also see the video of your run here it is made by our awesome  @Chromeeh_Gnome 🙂

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