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#ShamanWeek summary and transmog!

My Shaman week started really well, I did LFR on Monday and Tuesday and then again on Wednesday. I got my ilvl up to 495 (my weapon is keeping me back!!). Waiting Wednesday to be able to go again and maybe I’m able to go to SoO on next reset too! Also I wanted to introduce my current tmog and it looks like this!

Head: –
Shoulders: Spaulders of Quaking Fear
Chest: Valorous Earthshatter Hauberk
Wrists: –
Gloves: Tsunami Gloves (Just till I get Valorous Earhtshatter Handguards)
Belt: Abandoned Zandalari Waterchain
Leggings: Valorous Earthshatter Legguards
Feet: –
MainHand: Last Laugh
OffHand: Orb of Arcing Lightning

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