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#ShamanWeek introduction

Today started whole new week of alt appreciation over at World of Lae. It’s Shaman week, my shaman has been with me since Wrath of the Lich King. Doing heroics back then as a resto shaman you were able to keep people alive with chain heal spam 😛 I liked that, but the change of the healing now is better. You can actually do more than hit one button 😀

I’ve always wanted a shaman (just because of the Ghost Wolf travel form :D), but leveling in classic and bc was total pain as resto (Yes she is only been Resto) so I gave up that idea, but in Wrath i put myself together and leveled one. I have now even tried playing as Elemental, not much of a fan. I like healing (as you may have noticed that almost all my hybrid classes are healer specced :D)

My Shaman is my “go to” class when I’m bored to my Druid and I don’t feel like leveling anything else. Sadly she is sitting at ilvl 493 at the moment, but on this week I’ll try to run more LFR with her to get hear gear up 🙂

I wish that there would be more choices with Mail transmog tho, finding something pretty and fitting is bit hard sometimes. But I love the shaman tier sets, they look down to earth and you can really see that it’s for Shamans.

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