#RogueWeek introduction

Another Monday starts a new week of Lae’s alt appreciation week, this time it’s Rogue week. This is one of the classes that I’m not familiar with, I started my first Rogue few years ago, reason I made one was really silly actually I wanted to get Vanessa VanCleef transmog, I even made the character to look exactly like her! But me and humans in fantasy mmorpg don’t really get a long so I ended up deleting her around level 20.
Then this summer I got the idea that I need to have all the classes at level 90 and I kinda needed my own lockbox opener.
It was Midsummer event going on and since you get the 10% exp buff and I was full loomed I got to level 70 quite fast. I’ve gotten 1½ levels since that 😀 So maybe this week I’ll try to get her atleast to level 80.

Half of her bank looks like this ! 😀

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  1. Yeah, I think you’ve got a winner going Night Elf on your rogue, and your set is looking fabulous already. Too bad Van Cleef is actually wearing a cloth and leather mixed set. Curse you Blizzard for being lazy! :p

    • Yeah that was the reason why I got bored to the human rogue 😛 I was going for gnome, but I think gnomes should be casters so I chose NightElf (the second best race, hint best is Draenei :D)

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