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#PriestWeek transmog

On this #PriestWeek I want to introduce one of my first mogs for my Priest. I found it in a mmo-champion forums so I don’t claim to be brains behind this 😀 But it looks awesome, simple and yet interesting. Since Halloween is coming it can also be nurse transmog 😀 I also added some matching pets and mounts for you to check out  🙂

Head: White Bandit Mask
Shoulders: Aurora Mantle
Chest: Aurora Robe
Wrists: –

Gloves: Bloody Surgeons Mitts
Belt: Beach Party Thong
Leggings: –
Feet: –
MainHand: Diamond Core Sledgemace
OffHand: Lordaeron Medical Guide


(White Tickbird Hatchling)


And my favourite Silver Covenant Hippogryph

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