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DressUp! #dressPunk

I completely forgot to do this on last week (maybe I should write them on a note or something, since I have everything else I need to remember in my notebook :DD)
But I’m quite happy how this turned out. Sadly I have to cheat on this and #DressGeek since I didn’t have time to go hunt the loots :/
I was browsing trough google while I was trying to get inspiration for my Punk look and then I found this picture and I knew I had my look ready 😀

Chest: Bandit Jerkin
Wrist: Bandit Bracers
Leggings: Black Mageweave Leggings
Feet: Bandit Boots

Only missing like super cool leather jacket or something! 😀


2 thoughts on “DressUp! #dressPunk

  1. Shame there’s no tartan in the game! I used to dress like that, it was so fun. I’ve totally changed now. My self esteem has PLUMMETED in recent years and I prefer to go by as unnoticed as I can 😛 I’ve been working on some costumes for a Hallow’s End post at the end of the month – it’s been quite fun to put together, and this piece totally works, especially with the Night Elve’s hair style, hair colour and make up, which no other race really has.

    1. Yes it is a big shame! I don’t exactly dress like that, but I have a red tartan dress and I love it 😛 I don’t have the best self esteem but I usually try to think that I don’t care what other people think (doesn’t really work always :D) 😛
      Oh cool Halloween tmogs! Can’t wait to see them! 🙂

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