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#altsWarriorWeek introduction

As you might now melee classes are not really my cup of tea, but I started Warrior around the same time with my Death Knight (bit earlier maybe) and it felt really nice to play and all. But then I forgot it to level 70.
I’ve actually had 3 different Warriors, my current Draenei Pixié, Gnome Warrior who got to around 70 and then my Night Elf Warrior who didn’t even get to level 30 😀

But I’m on my journey to get all of my characters to 90 before new expansion (when ever they are planning to publish it).
This is her now, level 70, I’m going to level her to 80 on this week, atleast 80.
Northrend goes so fast nowdays that you don’t really get to see the leveling areas, and it is really shame that they removed Veteran of the Wrathgate questline :/

2 thoughts on “#altsWarriorWeek introduction

  1. 3 warriors isn’t nearly enough warriors. :p

    I’m kidding of course. I hope you enjoy playing warriors, though the appeal of death knights is easy to see. I wish you the best of luck as you push forward to the frozen north and straight on into Pandaria! :p

    P.S. I started the #AltsWarriorWeek conversation on twitter. Appearantly #WarriorWeek is a national marathon that moves from region to region, though I’m not entirely sure.

    1. Heh thanks, yeah only melee I play is either Monk, Guardian Druid or Prot Pala 😀 But we’ll see, Warrior wasn’t that bad.
      I’m gonna change topic it to #AltsWarriorWeek so there won’t be any mix up 😛

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