Twitter raid (part 11)

We had amazing Friday Fun Run again last Friday, reason I write this bit later than I usually is because I had bit busy weekend movie night on Saturday and shopping rune materials on Sunday 😛 But back to the raid!! Firstly we happened to have nice setup so we decided to visit Dragon Soul and afterwards we went to Naxxramas just for giggles 😛 As always I took pictures, hope you like them, and Chromeeh made video summary of our run. (You can watch it here!) Thank you again for all who came! See you next week! 🙂 <3

Noms for brave warriors! 🙂

We were killing some time while we waited Jojo <3

My Mr.Bigglesworth found a friend! <3

Our lovely mages prepared portal roulette for us! 🙂 

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