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Twitter raid (part 10)

Last week we didn’t have fun run because most of the peeps were focusing on the new patch, myself included. So it was awesome that we managed to organize raid yesterday. We were puzzling between ICC and Firelands, democracy decided ICC 25 normal first and lets see if we have time and people for Firelands 10man after. We had nice, tiny and cozy raid this week, if I remember right it was 9 people all together, also few new peeps joined us on this week! \o/ As always I got bit carried away with the giggles in TeamSpeak so I forgot to take screenshots from all the bosses, and some of them are pure action shots 😀 So I hope you enjoy 😛 First ICC and then Firelands 🙂
Chromeeh made a video again, you can watch it here!

It’s a trap!

Our tank forgot to jump back from the ship 😉
Travel form <3

Group picture!

Flying Kitty! <3
Also flying gnome! 😛
Tactics:  Nuke boss 😛 

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