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Fresh week of alt appreciation again, this time it’s #PaladinWeek. I have two Paladins, both Protection specced. I’ve only ever played my Paladin as a Protection due my dislike of Paladin healing and Retribution because it’s melee. My Paladin was actually my first melee class and Protection felt like spec for me after tanking with my Druid. Also I’ve also fancied Paladin because Bubble HS ;P

My first Paladin Kérmavaahto (means whipped cream in Finnish :D) has come up long way with me, I started her just because I was bit bored with my alts and wanted something to level up. I leveled her through dungeons and at max level (I think it was 85 at that expansion) I leveled Jewelcrafting for her. In Pandaria I haven’t really played her that much, just doing heroics here and there and now with Timeless Isle she’s been getting gear that I discover with my other toons. She is waiting that Blizzard adds Gnome Paladins! <3 Also name change is in progress (as soon as I figure out nice name for her ;P)

My other Paladin Mantelí (means almond in Finnish) I started her also as I was bored and I wanted a Horde toon to keep my Hunter company 😛 She is also leveled only through dungeons. Firstly she was Tauren (Tauren females are so cute <3) but after some time I got bored to see only Taurens back in tiny dungeons so I changed her to Blood Elf.

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