#MonkWeek last day

Sadly I haven’t had time for my Monk that much on this week (well to be honest I’ve kind of avoided my Monk). Just because it is so new to me and the goals I set for myself. BUT I did manage to buy second spec, but down keybinds and I actually have Mistweaver gear so I did something atleast 🙂 But now when I tried it, fixing keybinds and stuff, I actually want to try it now so maybe I’ll find time for my new healer on next week even tho it’s #PaladinWeek.
I also remembered that I still have my leveling transmog and I started to like it bit more again 🙂

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  1. The Monk animations are so cool. Don’t worry about hardly playing yours, I didnt even log mine during #MonkWeek… I have a reasonably good excuse though 🙂

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