#MageWeek Day 1

Ok so #MageWeek starts with loads of mages right? Mages umm they can conjure refreshments, they can make portals, their Frost spec is annoying in PvP and ummm every race can be a Mage, except Taurens, poor poor Taurens.
Yeah I think that is in a nutshell what I know about Mages.
I do have one Mage, her name is Smartíe, she is currently almost level 89 and on this week I’m going to get her 90. I also have a transmog planned for her so I’ll try to finish it too.
Even tho Mage is ‘quite’ the sameish as Warlock I never felt ‘comfortable’ while playing. I’ve had loads of tiny Mages, one even ended up being lvl 70 with RAF bonus 🙂

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