Gnome Invasion part 2

To continue my last Gnome Invasion post, my Mage got to level 90 on #MageWeek and she also got really nice transmog that I’m really proud of 😛
But here you see what she did before she got to see Vale of Eternal Blossoms and how she took the new change for it.

I had my own plane!

Gnome sized house! <3

I got a lot new friends! <3

I helped Lorewalker Cho
Found giant books!

This image was in my head when I did my traveling towards Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Little I knew that I was bit too slow to get there in time, now it looks like this *sniff* Stupid Garrosh *raise fist*

And here is me in my new transmog! When I get bit better gear I’m going to kick Garrosh butt! ;P

Thank you for following me on my journey! I’ll try to keep you updated how it goes with me on time  to time ! 🙂 *waves*
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