First day of #HunterWeek

My Hunter story starts waaay back in classic. I made my first Hunter after I felt like I need someone to make my Druid some awesome Leather gear (because my Druid was(and still is) herb/alch). Hunter has always been really fascinating class for me, I love pets and since I’m allergic to most of them this is the best way to get pets of my own <3 :)
So I made my Hunter and I enjoyed playing the class, as good Hunter I learned how to tame pets, trap mobs in dungeons (!) and do some nice dps. I was Beastmaster all the way to level 80 when cataclysm hit us, then I changed to Survival and now I’m Beastmaster again.
I named my first ever Hunter Kiiwi (yes I know it’s supposed to be with one i :D). She was fierce female Orc. Here are three old pictures of her.

Now days her name is Sacura and she is pretty little Blood Elf with loyal Hedwig by her side.

I still log on her time to time but I never really play with her, running around Orgrimmar.

Pizzelle on the other hand is my active hunter, I wanted a Hunter on Alliance side but didn’t want to change Sacura because I think her place is to be with the Horde. So I bought second account and dualboxed 2 hunters to level 70 and then I continued with only Pizzelle. She is now level 90 and her spec is Beastmaster. I’m currently leveling skinning and Leatherworking for her.

 I’ve leveled some low level Hunters before but always ended up deleting them at level 20-30 for more space. Currently I have 3 Hunters (Sacura, Pizzelle and the Hunter I level to my other account).
My goal for this week I try to think of new mog for her and I try to get the skinn/LW up 😛

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  1. No surprise here, but I like Pizzelle a lot. 😉 I used to transmog to tier 1 for a while, but it didn’t really suit Lae, I think her dark skin and blonde hair didn’t really mesh. But it suits Pizzelle really well!

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