DressUp! #dressPoor

 Ok I finished my first entry for this transmog challenge yesterday, but I kinda posted a lot yesterday so I thought I’ll post it today 🙂

First thing I was thinking when I saw the theme ‘Poor’ was the starting gear, and more of the blueish mail starting gear that drops from the mobs. But instead of that I wanted to show some plate.
‘Poor’ can also mean simple and that is what I was after on this one. No spikes, plain colours, no shiny objects, just something small and plain. 🙂 Sadly these items are white quality so you can’t transmog them :/

Items used:

Chest: Platemail Armor (Platemail Armor)
Belt: Platemail Belt (Platemail Belt)
Gloves: Platemail Gloves (Platemail Gloves)
Leggings: Platemail Leggings (Platemail Leggings)
Wrists: Platemail Bracers (Platemail Bracers)

Boots: Platemail Boots (Platemail Boots)
Main Hand: Broadsword (Broadsword)
Off Hand: Large Metal Shield (Large Metal Shield)

Reason I typed the names inside parentheses is that I’m using the wowhead tooltip and since these items are white and my blogs background is white so they didn’t really like each others 😀 Batinna made summary of all the entry’s here!

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  1. Aw! Awesome blogpost and transmog! 😀 Love it!

  2. Ooh the Platemail gear is really nice – shame it can’t be transmogged 🙁

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