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#WoWscreenshotaday DAY 27 (August)

Some time ago Kim over at The Wyvern’s Tail wrote about player housing.
At the end she asked that “If you could have a player house anywhere in WoW, where would it be?”
I started thinking it more and more and I realized what I’m going to do for todays post 🙂
My own house would be in Howling Fjord, more of the crossing between Skorr and Apothecary Camp.

I could watch all the pretty northern lights from my window while I play WoW, also no noisy/annoying neighbours around either! 😛 

But back to today’s topic, I ran (with my ground mount to time it) from my house to Valgarde and everyone remembers where the boat comes the tiny river between the rocks.
This is bit less than “10 minutes from home” (to be exact 7 mins).

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