#WoWscreenshotaday DAY 11 (August)

Today’s theme is “I love doing this!”. For this it was bit tricky to choose one thing, I love many things. I love leveling, quests, hunting achievements and pet battles. I even love PvP (sometimes!) and raiding.
But to choose just one for this I chose a skill, Priest skill to be exact.
I chose Leap of Faith, I was so excited when they announced this skill.
It gives you so many giggles when you play with it even tho it is very useful skill.

I had help for my screenshot today, my boyfriend and our friend were kind enough to help me to get awesome screenshot. <3 (we did this a lot :D)
The first screenie is for todays entry and the other one is just for giggles 🙂
(we did it with 3 people too, but it was harder to take screenshot of it:P)

Video of all entry’s here.

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  1. that pesky leap of faith!!

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