#WoWscreenshotaday (4, 5, 6) (August)

I know I said I’m gonna start posting the pictures in threes, but I’m way too eager to wait and post them 😀 So starting tomorrow gonna post them one everyday.(I also added on my previous #WoWscreenshotaday post YouTube videos that @tycertank has made for us.)

But for the competition now

Day 4 “fresh”
My entry was fresh new Darkmoon Faire starting for August
Video here

Day 5 “early”
I was going for normal early morning picture, but then I remembered the chaos when Pandaren launched, and this picture is the from ‘early’ launch 🙂
Video here

Day 6 “This means a lot to me!” 

Thinking, especially in the morning, is difficult! 😛 But my entry for today is The map that shows Azeroth and Outland, as in the whole game means a lot to me. I play to relax, find new friends and have fun with current and new friends in game. I also found my current boyfriend trough this game so there’s a whole new meaning for the game too.
It is really difficult to explain to someone who has never played this game before that why I still after 8 years love this so much. So for love of the game <3 :P

Video here

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