Twitter raid (part 8)

Today was yet another Friday-fun-run!! (Organized by @MissMurloc and @Chromeeh_Gnome go and follow these lovely people already! :P)
Today’s destination was Heroic 10 man Blackwing Descent. I have done BWD in heroic up till Nefarian so this one was new kill for me! 🙂

Again I took some pictures (just because I like taking them and it’s nice to get some memories to look back!)

Usually this elevator boss is the hardest one in the whole raid, but this time no one died! 🙂


We got one awesome title so it was group picture time!

I really wish Blizzard would let people keep this one.

Our tiny Gnomes were hiding from the big scary dragons,
sadly I think I was bit too big to fit under :/

Afterwards we headed towards Throne of the Four Winds (also 10man heroic).

Go Team Rocket!!

 I think that look-wise Throne of the Four Winds must be the prettiest raid in the whole game, don’t you think?! 🙂

Again stay tuned for our next weeks adventure!! As always everyone is welcome to join just whisper to Murky or Chro (twitter pages at start of the post :P) or you can send me a message and I’ll toss you an invite! 🙂
Chro is also working with a video from our this weeks adventure so I’ll link it here when he is done!
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  1. Lovely pic of Kitty stretching!!

  2. I agree, I love the look of TOFW. 🙂

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