Twitter raid (part 6)

Yesterday was Friday and as many Fridays before it meant that it was time for yet another Friday-fun-run with all the awesome Twitter people! We had some nice giggles again and let me say there nipples and willys were involved!
First we went to see Malygos, Lord of Magic, and he’s lair is in the Eye of Eternity where Queen of Life Alexstrasza helps us to defeat Malygos.

I was too slow to get clear shot of Malygos

Alexstrasza in her dragon and humanoid form!
She is so pretty! I wish Blizzard could make transmog like that and you could buy it from BlizzardStore, I would so buy that! 🙂

Then off we went to Black Temple where we met Illidan Stormrage.
I like Black Temple for numerous reasons and one is the whole look and feeling when you’re in it. I was never able to raid BT while it was “the thing”.

After Black Temple was time to do Battle for Mount Hyjal.
I also love Hyjal for many reasons, it is so pretty. However I’m not really a fan of the boss mechanics, waiting for the trash and stuff. It is pretty boring 😀 Also I wasn’t able to raid Hyjal and people say I’m really lucky one because what I’ve heard of it was really annoying and difficult!

Archimonde is the last boss of this raid

We never figured out that if Archimonde has bigger Willy than players have
My Darkmoon Bear was excited to get the trash!
So yet again really amazing raid, thank you all for coming! Also remember to follow @Murky and @Chromeeh_Gnome on Twitter so you can join our next raid! (only requirement is to be Alliance on EU servers!)

P.S.@Chromeeh_Gnome is working on video from our raids, so I’m gonna add it here when it is finished! 🙂

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